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Boarding at WillowMay Farm

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WillowMay Farm Pastures


WillowMay has a variety of boarding options:- Please click on link for further information


   Winter care Plus


   Grooming Board


    Full Service/Exercise Board


The impotance of turn out. Please read Uta Graf philospy on turn out even her prized stallions live out in a herd enviroment. Click link below to read full story



Standard full care listed below:-


"" Holding & scheduling for professionals that service the facility! As needed.

""  We feed high quality horse Nutrena Premium feed, and we customize a program to suit each horse's individual needs. 

      nutritionist visits the farm regularly for all the horses needs (Sugar beet pulp & Empower boost - Rice Bran available if needed)
""  10' x 12' stalls
""  Fresh water in pasture

"" Salt and mineral blocks out in paddock

""  36 acres
""  Lighted indoor arena and large outdoor ring with
    a variety of jumps
""  Access to Ridley Creek State Park and Radnor
    Hunt Trails

"" Horse live out in a Happy Herd environment! Except in inclement weather!

"" Round bales 24/7 year-round

"" Straw bedding and a variety of hay including Alfalfa mix.

"" Worming

""  Only Full Board is available

"" In an effort to keep happy horses we use predators flies supplied to us by spalding labs

""   No-one rides/visits the property without a signed release form on file with management (parents must sign for minors) AND must wear an ASTM/SEI approved helmet. This includes friends and relatives who  might be brought out for a leadline ride. There are NO exceptions to this rule, please do not ask.


WillowMay farm is very fortunate to have a wonderful group of professionals servicing our facility please find the links below to their website



Our premise is that horses do best with quality feed, quality hay, clean stalls, turnout, blankets are changed without additional charge.



Horses and ponies are fed according to their individual needs and owner's wishes. Supplements when provided are gladly given to horses as per their owner's request. Personal and individual care is most important for all our horses


* Negative Coggins is required.
* General good health of horse is required.
* 1st month's board plus holding deposit is required at time horse arrives.
* Proof of medical and dental records are required.


For more information on boarding, e-mail us at:


Out Door arena with jumps




Horses cross creek to back pasture


Meet some of our Boarders


Meet Dr. Bill & Roman

Dr.Bill has been with the farm for many years his first love was a TWH named Whiskey, with the sad loss of Whiskey Dr. bill searched for a new trail buddy. We found Roman a bay TWH, he had very big hooves to fill. Roman did

step into those hooves in his own way and has captured Dr.Bill's heart and his love of horses. You will often see them out on the trails together with other farm members enjoying the surrounding trails.  Dr. Bill is wonderful at logging his trail

activities on for all at the farm to share - Thank you Dr.bill






Moon & Joanne


Meet “Moon” & Joanne. Joanne is one of our long standing boarders. You can see both of them around the farm or on the trails of Ridley Creek State park, or cantering along on the

Radnor Hunt trails. As well as happily riding along the trails Joanne does dust off her show clothes and show moon once in awhile!!

If you are new to the farm and need to know all the do and don't's joanne will be happy to help you. You'll find her to be the friendly face that's in the know!!



""            ""

Meet the Bottoms family and their horse. Tex is a beautiful paint gelding, who is super quiet and an ideal family horse. He loves to go out on the trails or just hang around the farm and just be groomed. Linda adores Tex and enjoys every moment in the saddle with him. She hopes to do plenty of paper chases and some showing we wish them the best of luck together.






    Max   Max with Carla and Ellen Hendrix

Max, a Nokota, descends from the horses that once ran wild in the rugged badlands. Owned by Carla and Ellen Hendrix, he has just finished schooling in walk/trot/canter and jumping.  Carla and Ellen have also been kind enough to allow max to go to exhibitions for the Nokota breed. Max after having some time off will now, be resuming a normal work schedule and hopefully be back to showing.


Click here to see an update on Max's & his progress


Whisper & Beth

Whisper & Secret Whisper

(Whisper on left makes friends with Secret)

Meet “Whisper” & Beth. Beth has had a passion for horses all her life and when “Whisper” came in for sale she fell in love. We had all told Beth that whisper was not the horse for her. Well, she was hell bent on getting her, so after many lessons and lots of hours of bonding, Beth purchased whisper.  Beth is kind enough to offer WMF the use of whisper for the showing season in 2008. Watch out for whisper at the schooling shows.



Blue & Kristen

Krsten and Blue

Meet Blue & Kristen

Blue is a blue & white Overo Gelding standing at 15.3hh and still growing. Blue started his career as a western pleasure horse, Kristen hopes to compete at the local horse shows, low level dressage and paper chases with Blue.  Chris, Kristen’s mom hopes to ride blue when she leaves for college.


Meet Gambler & the Fischer Family

This wonderful little quarter horse is from Texas. He's a great family horse who is trained in both English and Western. The fischer family is a wonderful family who fit well with WillowMay Farm. Every member of the family rides

and the girls may in the future consider showing. Cindy and Henry are happy to trail ride and hang out at the farm. WillowMay farm welcomes them and wishes them all the best in their future riding conquests.


Rita & Ben


Ben is another all around school master, auto changes jumping 3'6" and then a total packer when it comes to the little ones. He loves to go out on the trails and is a real super star at the shows. Look for him and rita in the spring when rita's schedule slow's down a little she hopes to ride in a couple of classes herself.


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