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WillowMay Farm Lesson Program


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We also provide instruction at our WillowMay Farm CAMPS click here for details.

Our school horses are the foundation of our facility, and we take a great deal of pride in them.


Before beginning your search for the best possible instruction, it is both helpful and necessary to make a complete and honest assessment of your strengths, weaknesses, and goals as a rider. With which riding skills do you feel comfortable and competent, and in which skills do you feel yourself lacking? Identify those equestrian activities on which you would most like to concentrate your educational efforts. Do you aspire to ride capably at the annual trail ride? The local show circuit? Mid-level dressage competitions? Or just join the local 4H and Schooling shows?


The frequency and term of lessons varies tremendously from instructor to instructor. Beginning students, particularly if very young and/or having no access to a horse on which to practice between lessons tend to benefit more from multiple weekly lessons over an extended period of time. Riding properly requires both the learning of skills and the development of the physical strength necessary to perform these skills effectively. Progressive learning can take place only when students have lessons frequently enough so as not to forget that, which, they have already been taught. Students riding at a more advanced level, however, may need only occasional coaching with an instructor to keep their skills sharp.


We specialize in personalized riding instruction to meet individuals' requirements and goals. All levels are taught from beginner through advanced both in flat work & jumping. Dressage or just plain old trail riding


Most of our horses have competed. All are safe and have the ability to give the rider a good understanding of dressage and jumping. Emphasis is on creating a fun and harmonious relationship between horse and rider, no matter whether your goals are in the competitive field or in pleasure riding.

The program at WMF focuses on helping riders reach individual goals, no matter how big or small. In addition to lessons, students are encouraged to attend clinics, horse shows and lectures to help increase their knowledge .

Lessons are available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday. With the use of an indoor arena for all year around.

You will find our rates very competitive.

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GROUP LESSONS (One Hour/5 or more in class)

Flat rate for group block booking of 4



(not available on a Saturday)

30 Minutes



(not available on a Saturday)

2 people

$60.00 each

3 people

$50.00 each

4 people

$45.00 each

Payment Schedule

All lessons are payable one month in advance. Lessons for the month will be paid for by the end of the prior month. We require 24 hours notice for cancellations, you will be issued with a voucher for your missed lesson. This voucher will be valid for 14 days after its issue with no exceptions.

Lesson Attire

For those who are just starting to learn to ride. Riding attire can be very expensive especially if it is a passing phase in the case of some children. we recommend ASTM/SEI certified riding helmets this can be purchased cheaply at a local tack store, footwear a shoe or a boot with an inch heel. (You will find value city and/or payless stock both for under $20) A pair of jeans or jogging bottoms for pants to ride in. Please do not come to your lesson wearing shorts, sneakers, hiking boots, 3/4 trousers or trousers with flared bottoms

Please call and/or email for appointment.

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Contact Us:

Telephone: 610-240-9951 


WillowMay Farm students get a chance to compete in local schooling shows:

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Policies and Requirements

Please keep the following rules in mind when visiting WillowMay farm:

  1. •  STUDENT HOURS: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday 9.30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Saturday 9.00am through 5.00pm the Farm is closed to members of the public Wednesday & Sunday. All visit's are by appointment ONLY.
  2. •  FOOTWEAR: All students must wear appropriate footwear at all times while working around and riding horses. Appropriate footwear is a hard-soled shoe with a heel. Absolutely, no tennis shoes, sandals sneakers.
  3. •  HELMETS: All students must wear a riding helmet at all times when mounted. WillowMay Farm recommends all riders purchase and wear a riding helmet with a full harness and chin strap. If you do not have your own Willowmay Farm will provide the use of a helmet.
  4. •  LESSON CANCELLATIONS: Students (or parents) are financially responsible for all lessons not canceled before 12 o'clock noon the day PRIOR to the scheduled lesson. Notice of cancellation can be made through the web page or a message left on the farm answer machine (610-240-9951).
  5. •  PAYMENT: Willowmay Farm accepts checks, cash, Visa or Mastercard for lessons. Cash or checks made payable to WillowMay Farm, payments should be made the last week of the month prior.
  6. •  RETURNED CHECKS: There is a $25.00 charge for any returned check.
  7. •  TELEPHONE: WillowMay Farm does offer the use of a telephone should the need arise.
  8. •  PARKING: Please, Please drive in and out very slowly. There are often children and animals in the driveway.
  9. •  CHILDREN: Supervision of children on WillowMay farm premises is the responsibility of the parent or a supervisor appointed by them. Children must stay with the appointed person at all times.
  10. •  RUNNING OR SCREAMING: No Running or Screaming in or around the stable areas.
  11. •  JUMPING: No Lesson student is allowed to jump without an instructor.
  13. •  FEEDING HORSES: Please do not feed the horses. Even the best horses sometimes bite.
  14. NO SMOKING in and around the barn areas.