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Mom to be takes a nap

2009 At the grand old age of three Melody wins grand champion for the DVCTA show sesries in intro - Go Melody!!!!!!!!



Melody is just hours old

Mom says high to her new baby.
This is mays first foal

May finishes cleaning her new foal


Here Melody is just minutes old



After a long day of lessons, on Saturday afternoon I had noticed that May was no longer waxing and was starting to drip milk. The barns girls were getting ready to go off to the mall. "Kim" was driving them, I went and quietly asked her not to go to far as may was in slow labor and I would need help. May was scratching herself along some of the walls and I thought that she may stand up to have this foal. Kim took the girls off for their little get together.I then started to prepare may. I washed all around her rear end and under her udder. I then braided her tail and wrapped that in vet wrap. I did not know how long the night was going to be.


Things can either happen very quickly or take all night. Kim fetched the girls back from the mall and I came over to the house to get a drink. I was heading back across to the farm when I was met by Hillary who told me that May was down. May was ready to give birth and she did very well 2 feet then a nose (which is always good to see). May then decided she would stand up and was not going to lye back down. Melody was born into my arms at 9.55pm on 06/04/2005 Saturday night Everyone present helped out and May had a stress free time. I would like to say a big thank you to Dale for taking time on his night out with his wife jody to come and pull Mays hind shoes for me. Thank you for all the help Kim and the barns girls gave. We have lots of new photos of Melody running and bucking in the pasture check back later and take a look.





Melody @ 16 months with her first winter blanket.

WillowMay farm was fortunate enough to have Kim Comer ride melody for us this spring. Melody who had only been ridden a handle full of times was now officially in school. Melody just like her mother “May” is an excellent study and a quick learner, and so it unfolds that at the grand old age of 3 yes 3,  WillowMay’s farm little gem is out winning her dressage test’s with wonderful scores. Thank you to Kim for her training/time. Melody will be back in school this spring for her jumping début starting of course with the jumping shoot. Please check back for dressage video and Melody’s progress.