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Radnor Xcountry

Rachel & Meghan enjoy the Chicken-Coop together

Radnor Xcountry

Meghan & Friday jumping with speed

Radnor Xcountry 

Rachel & Ace first time out 


  Radnor Xcountry

  Meghan & Friday ride as a team

Radnor Xcountry

Rachel and Ace enjoy the fall weather jumping in style, what a great ride for a first outing

Julie Friday XC

Julie enjoys a cross-country fence on Friday at the Radnor Hunt paper chase

Julie enjoys a schooling round with Phantom

Radnor Xcountry

Meghan and friday complete the last practice fence what a great job - well done!!!!

A quick note to say, Thank you girls for a lovely practice session its been a long time since I have had that much fun. Thank you for all the effort you put in and for being good sports.


Cadbury enjoys, lazy days in the sun!!!!!!!!!