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Cadbury 2003


New to the farm is Julie’s new companion Cadbury, named after the English chocolate
(she is a chocolate Labrador) she is learning to make new friends four legged as well as
two and is welcomed by everyone that comes to visit us at the farm.


Cadbury          Cadbury           Christmas Cards


May              May and Lugar  

Insisting that she wouldn't come to the States without her, Julie brought her horse May
from England. May, 7/8 Thoroughbred 1/8 Irish Draught, lends her name to the farm.
Willow, the mother of Divine, is included in the name as well.

In Memory of Cindy

A special friend to all at WillowMay, Cindy was often seen roaming the fields,
playing with the other farm animals, or tagging along with Julie.

Unfortunately, Cindy died recently. While gone, Cindy is not forgotten.

Cindy   Cindy and Baby   Cindy  


You left paw prints all over our hearts. Cindy, you are greatly missed!



Snow Max Snowboys ,Snow Whisky

Can you guess who's

snowy face #1 is?

      The boys out in the snow Can you guess who's snowy face #2 is?
Baby, the barn goat.



Baby, the barn goat, keeps a watchful eye on all of the ducks, chickens, and cats that roam the farm.

Yes, those are real chicken's
roosting in the tree!

Zoro was a member at the farm who will always be special. Unfortunately they need to be kept in packs and we just did not have the room


Our rider has a new found mother isn't she delightful



The judges want one more look at our rider and her new found mother before they leave the ring


laughs aloud as the judges announce that they have been placed second in the class


  Linda Wynnwood Show
Linda after getting rid of some first time show jitters. Shows off her ribbons for her first 2 classes. Tex & Linda went on to win many more ribbons on the day!